OPA! Work

Meaning at Work

When you discover Meaning in your work, everything else changes.

Many of the traditional approaches to work are no longer working, resulting in low levels of engagement, resilience, performance, and innovation.  People want to know that they belong and that their work matters.  People want to interact with organizations whose products and services contribute to increasing meaning around them.  OPA! is a new mindset and approach to creating the conditions for a more meaningful workplace and, in turn, creating more meaningful products and services.  It all starts from the Core of Meaning.


Join us in learning and discussing the lessons of The OPA! Way® along with practical examples and exercises on how you can work from the Core of Meaning.  Take a fresh look at your work and workplace and gain a clearer understanding of what is truly meaningful to you and your team.

OPA! Leadership—an innovative approach to transformational leadership: As a leader, discover how first to identify and connect with the deeper Meaning of your own work and then, second, to inspire others in your workplace to do the same.  Meaning-based leadership requires you to build trust and confidence so you can influence others to find Meaning in their work.  In other words, lead with and to Meaning.  Find out how to make Meaning an organization-wide initiative that drives commitment, purpose, collaboration, and excellence.

OPA! Innovation—the integration of Meaning, Greek Philosophy and business practices: Many innovation projects fail because because they did not start from the Core of Meaning.  Join OPA! and the Meaning Movement to gain a stronger appreciation for the critical first step in any innovation initiative.  Learn how to gain a deeper understanding of human needs and how to match these needs to innovative solutions.  [We've been active as thought leaders in the field of Innovation Management for over 20 years, including publishing our bestselling book, The Seeds of Innovation (2002+) and designing/teaching the first Innovation Management course in North America in the business program at the University of Toronto (1999+)].


  • Workshops (introductory, full-day, two-day, three-day programs)
    These workshops use stories, photos, videos, and practical examples to help participants understand the concept of Meaning and to see how others have succeeded in bringing more Meaning to their work and personal lives.  Our interactive, experiential workshops engage participants in focused discussion and authentic dialogue, while allowing enough time for participants to create a personal and/or group action plan.  These workshops are insightful, engaging, inspirational, aspirational, memorable...and most of all, high energy and fun!  The OPA! Work workshops are primarily offered within a specific organization or are custom designed to fit your meeting or conference. 
    Check Calendar for a list of OPA! Work workshops open to the public.
  • Retreats
    Leadership/executive retreats are custom designed for organizational groups or teams that want to explore and learn how both to live and work with Meaning. 
    Also join us for our "OPA! Day of Inspiration and Meaning," which we offer at the OPA! Center for Meaning in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and in various cities in Canada and the USA.  Please contact us for more information.
  • Speeches
    In our high energy, dynamic, and inspirational speeches, we share practical techniques for bringing more Meaning into the workplace and into the work.  Examples of OPA! Work topics include:
    • Organizational Culture/Human Resources/Leadership ("Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace"; "Meaning and Engagement"; "Leading with Meaning"; "Building the OPA! Organization")
    • Innovation ("Meaning Before Innovation"; "The Human Side of Innovation"; "Innovating with Meaning"; "Meaningful Capitalism/Anthrocapitalism")
    • Inspiration and Change ("Everybody Say OPA!—Working with Meaning"; "Working The OPA! Way"; "OPA! Day of Inspiration and Meaning"; "Meaning and Resilience"; "Meaning and Transformational Thinking"; "Reject Rejection—Working with Meaning")
  • Mentoring
    The OPA! Way® offers both short term and long term mentoring programs to support individuals, including those in leadership positions, in the search for deeper meaning in their work lives, by employing the core lessons and practices of The OPA! Way®.  The program can be designed as a one-day session or a series of sessions with optional follow-up by telephone/email.  Clients have included individuals from leading companies, government and nonprofit entities, from the world of sports, entertainment, and politics, and others who, in general, are seeking greater meaning in their work lives.  Held in strict confidence, these sessions can take place at your location and/or at the OPA! Center for Meaning in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.