OPA! MeaningLab

The need to "Innovate with Meaning" is becoming an increasingly important topic for organizations, employees, customers, and society as a whole. 

Often leaders ask employees to work on Innovation projects, but these projects lack Meaning and consequently lead to a lack of enthusiasm and engagement by employees, as well as by customers.

We must start from the Core of Meaning.  We must ask the deeper questions about our products, services, and organizations before we begin the process of innovation or we are wasting valuable resources, such as time, money, and effort.  Meaning before Innovation.


Join us for an OPA! Day of Inspiration and Meaning in the MeaningLab where we engage in open and focused dialogue using the methods taught us by Socrates and other ancient Greek philosophers.  And using the metaphor of the ancient Greek Labyrinth, we guide you and your team to be more curious, to ask deeper questions, and to expand awareness of your "Core of Meaning," resulting in insights on how to create more meaningful value for your products, services, and organization.  Our clients have found that this focused format has produced very meaningful and practical insights in a short amount of time.  

See Client List for a sample list of clients we have helped bring more Meaning to their products, services, brands, organizations, and workplaces.