OPA! MeaningLab

Often leaders ask employees to work on innovation projects, but these projects lack Meaning and consequently lead to a lack of enthusiasm and engagement by employees, as well as by customers.

Many innovation initiatives fail because they do not start from the Core of Meaning.

We must start with meaning—Meaning First®!

Engage your team with a one day OPA! MeaningLab where, together, we explore the deeper meaning of your specific innovation project. This process includes:

  • Gaining a stronger appreciation for the critical first step in any innovation initiative
  • Utilizing open and focused dialogue based on the methods taught us by Socrates and other ancient Greek philosophers
  • Expanding awareness of the Core of Meaning resulting in new, deeper insights
  • Discussing ways to create more meaningful value for the project

The need to "Innovate with Meaning" is becoming an increasingly important topic for organizations, employees, customers, and society as a whole. Elaine Dundon and Alex Pattakos have been active as pioneers and thought leaders in the field of Innovation Management for over 25 years, including publishing the bestselling book, The Seeds of Innovation (2002+) and designing/teaching the first integrated Innovation Management course in North America in the business program at the University of Toronto (1999+). They've partnered with a wide variety of outstanding organizations (See Client List) across sectors and industries to create more meaningful products & services, organizations & workplaces. 

To find out more about the OPA! MeaningLab, contact the OPA! Team at: info@theopaway.com