OPA! Life

Meaning in your Personal Life

When you discover Meaning in your life, everything else changes

We live in challenging times. Join us for the OPA! Life workshop or keynote speech to learn a new way to look at your life that will re-energize and inspire you!

The OPA! Life Workshop

The OPA! Life workshop is a three part module core program. This core program or curriculum is customized to fit a range of time periods—from a short, one-hour workshop up to a more interactive three-day workshop or retreat.

(The typical OPA! Life workshop is either one or two days in length. Obviously, a longer workshop or retreat allows for more time and space to get away from your day-to-day routines to explore new ways of living...especially when the workshop/retreat is held at our OPA! Center for Meaning in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico USA, or in Greece!)

Pre-Workshop: OPA! Life Meaning Test and Reading

We encourage you to take the OPA! Life Meaning Test to help you better understand your perception of the current state of meaning in your life. Results are confidential but serve as an excellent reference point and guide for you to reflect upon and identify areas of your life where you could deepen your sense of joy and meaning. Additional OPA! Reading is distributed prior to the OPA! Life workshop with the objective of stimulating reflection on the topic of personal meaning.


The OPA! Life workshop is structured in three separate modules which focus on the core lessons of The OPA! Way®: 

  • Connect Meaningfully with Others
  • Engage with Deeper Purpose
  • Embrace Life with Attitude


  • Increase your awareness of the topic of meaning in your life through dialogue, discussion and practical examples
  • Understand the "costs" associated with not being aware of meaning in your life
  • Address what's holding your back from finding joy and meaning in your life
  • Learn specific, practical techniques for living from your Core of Meaning® so that Meaning becomes the foundation for improving your life


  • The OPA! Life workshop uses stories, photos/videos, and practical examples to help you better understand the concept of Meaning and to learn how others have succeeded in bringing more joy and Meaning to their lives
  • Focused discussion, authentic dialogue, and insightful exercises (which are engaging, inspirational, memorable, and fun!) are used throughout the workshop. We also dedicate time during the workshop for everyone to create a personal and/or group action plan
  • The OPA! Life workshop can be offered within a specific organization or at a specific meeting/conference. Occasionally, we offer OPA! Life workshops that are open to the public. Check Calendar

Post-Workshop: Mentoring 

  • We offer both short-term and long-term mentoring programs to support individuals in the search for joy and meaning in their everyday lives, employing the core lessons and practices of The OPA! Way
  • Clients have included individuals from leading companies, governments, and nonprofit entities, from the worlds of sports, entertainment, politics, and others who, in general, are seeking greater Meaning in their lives
  • Strictly confidential, these sessions take place in person (at your location and/or at the OPA! Center for Meaning in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA) or via telephone/Skype

OPA! Life Keynote Speech

Invite one of our OPA! keynote speakers to inspire your audience with a new way of living based on the emerging hot topic of Meaning. The OPA! Life keynote speech can be easily custom-designed to fit your audience, time period, and meeting objectives.

Specific learning objectives include: 

  • Gain a clearer understanding of how the three core lessons of The OPA! Way can provide the roadmap for bringing more joy and meaning into your life
  • Learn specific and practical techniques for living from your "Core of Meaning"
  • Build personal resilience by focusing on what really matters

Alternative Titles/Customization include: 

  • Living the OPA! Life
  • Everybody Say OPA!—Living with Meaning
  • OPA! Day of Inspiration, Joy, and Meaning
  • Meaning First®
  • OPA! Women and Meaning

To find out more about OPA! Life workshops, retreats, mentoring services, and keynote speeches, contact the OPA! Team at: info@theopaway.com