OPA! Life

Meaning in your Personal Life

When you discover Meaning in your life, everything else changes.


Join us in learning and discussing the lessons of The OPA! Way® along with practical examples on how you can live from the Core of Meaning®.  Learn easy-to-apply techniques on how to connect more meaningfully with Others, how to engage and use your unique talents to live your life with deeper Purpose, and how to embrace all of life with Attitude, even during challenging times and life transitions.

WORKSHOPS (introductory, full-day, two-day, three-day programs):

Our workshops use stories, photos, videos, music, and practical examples to help participants understand the concept of Meaning and to see how others have succeeded in bringing more joy and Meaning to their lives.  Our interactive, experiential workshops engage participants in focused discussion and authentic dialogue, while allowing enough time for them to create a personal and/or group action plan.  These workshops are insightful, engaging, inspirational, aspirational, memorable...and most of all, high energy and fun!  The OPA! Life workshops are primarily offered within a specific organization or custom designed for a specific meeting/conference.  Check Calendar for a list of OPA! Life workshops open to the public.


Retreats allow time and space to get away from our day-to-day routine to explore new ways of thinking and acting.  The OPA! Way® offers several retreat formats and settings, some of which are offered for specific organizations and some of which are offered to the public, primarily in North America.  (Due to demand, we are also planning to initiate OPA! Life retreats in Greece—an OPA! Personal Odyssey!)  Also join us for our "OPA! Day of Inspiration, Joy and Meaning," which we offer at the OPA! Center for Meaning in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and in various cities in Canada and the USA.


In our high content, dynamic, and inspiring speeches and presentations, we share practical techniques for increasing Meaning in our personal lives.  Using photos, videos, stories, music, and real-life examples, we share how to use The OPA! Way® to maximize joy and meaning on a daily basis.  Examples of OPA! Life topics are:

  • Living the OPA! Life
  • OPA! Day of Inspiration, Joy and Meaning
  • Everybody Say OPA!—Living with Meaning
  • Meaning Before Happiness and Money!
  • Meaning—Redefining Success
  • Reject Rejection—Building Resilience The OPA! Way


We offer both short term and long term mentoring programs (both in-person and via telephone/Skype) to support individuals in the search for joy and meaning in their everyday lives, employing the core lessons and practices of The OPA! Way®.  The program can be designed as a one-day session or a series of sessions with optional follow-up by telephone (and Skype) and email.  Clients have included individuals from leading companies, governments, and nonprofit entities, from the world of sports, entertainment, and politics, and others who, in general, are seeking more joy and greater meaning in their lives.  Strictly confidential, these sessions can take place at your location and/or at the OPA! Center for Meaning in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.

OPA! LIFE MEANING TEST (on-line self-assessment):

See: OPA! Life Meaning Test


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