OPA! Life

Meaning in your Personal Life

When you discover Meaning in your life, everything else changes

The OPA! Way works in partnership with the Global Meaning Institute. Join us for an OPA! Life/Global Meaning Institute education program (workshops, retreats, speeches) to learn a new way to look at your life that will re-energize and inspire you!

MEANINGology is the study of how to find deeper meaning in our lives, work, and society. It is a term coined by Dr. Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon of the leading-edge Global Meaning Institute for their research, education programs, and advising services in the emerging field of Meaning.

Track One: OPA! Life/MEANINGology Life

More and more people around the world are looking for new ways to bring joy and meaning into their lives and, as Aristotle said, to realize their full potential. It's not about the search for happiness and it's not about finding the one big answer to the question, "What's the meaning of life?" It's about what we can do every day to find joy and meaning, and to feel that our lives and work really matter.

  • Applicable for those participants searching for deeper meaning in their personal lives
  • Learn about the Global Meaning Institute's unique MEANINGology methodology based on extensive research and experience in the emerging field of Meaning, including benchmarking to ancient Greek philosophy
  • Gain awareness and clarity of what's working, as well as what's not working, in terms of Meaning in your life, including reflecting on ways you may be postponing living with meaning
  • Learn specific, practical techniques to live from your Core of Meaning so that Meaning becomes the foundation for inspiring and improving your life

OPA! Life/MEANINGology Life workshops, retreats, and keynote speeches are offered at different levels (101, 201, 301) and are customed designed to fit your audience, time period, and setting needs.

The OPA! Way/Global Meaning Institute Advising

The Global Meaning Institute offers both short-term and long-term mentoring programs to support individuals in the search for joy and meaning in their everyday lives, employing the core lessons and practices of The OPA! Way paradigm and lifestyle, as well as insights from its ground-breaking research.

Contact the OPA! Team for more information about the OPA! Life/MEANINGology Life education programs (workshops, retreats, speeches) and advising services at: info@theopaway.com