OPA! University


Do you want to help others find joy & meaning in their everyday life and work?

If so, become an OPA! Associate and help others live and work The OPA! Way®.  We provide the training, resources, and support for you not only to find more Joy and deeper Meaning in your own life and work but also to help others do the same.

Meaning experts Drs. Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon share their step-by-step process on how to facilitate The OPA! Way® for your individual and/or organizational clients.

Enrollment in our OPA! Associate certification program requires that you have:

  • A desire to find more Joy and deeper Meaning in your own life and work
  • Confidence that you can be a role model for showing others how to live and work with Meaning
  • A strong interest in helping others find Joy and Meaning in their life and work
  • A commitment to learning the core lessons of The OPA! Way®, including reading and understanding The OPA! Way Certification Guide and other training resources
  • Two to three days to dedicate to OPA! certification training and attending our OPA! live training event
  • A desire to share The OPA! Way® within your current organization or with your current/potential coaching clients
  • An authentic commitment to practicing and facilitating The OPA! Way® core lessons with integrity and to maintaining the high quality standards of The OPA! Way® brand 

Participation in the OPA! Associate certification training program will be accepted by application only.  Please email us (info@theopaway.com) if becoming a certified OPA! Associate is meaningful to you.  Once we accept your application, we will discuss the location, timing, resources, and payment options that meet your needs.  

OPA! University will be the banner under which we will offer this certification.  We will be launching the program to train and certify OPA! Associates in late 2013/early 2014.  So let us know if you are interested in this unique and exciting opportunity.  Check back for further details and developments.  OPA!