OPA! Services

"The Word "OPA!"
is a common Greek word that is heard often in the celebration of life. It is a word that has very deep meaning going back thousands of years to the writings of Homer
(Greek: Ὅμηρος), revered as the greatest ancient Greek epic poet and author of the classic works of literature: the Iliad and the Odyssey. Today, we use the Greek word OPA! both to inspire ourselves and others by unleashing the spirit within and to warn ourselves and others by remaining alert and awake of life's potential dangers and unlimited opportunities. We also use the word OPA! as an acronym to represent the three core lessons for The OPA! Way that we have discovered in our travels, work, and research.

The Foundation of The OPA! Way—"Core of Meaning"
As leaders of the Meaning Movement and based on our many years of practical experience in the areas of Personal Transformation, Leadership Development, and Innovation Management, we have developed an approach based on our unique concept, the Core of Meaning®. Meaning begins within—it is the primary, intrinsic motivation of human beings. Meaning is the driver and fuel for engagement & resilience, well-being & health, and performance & innovation. (Without Meaning, people feel disengaged, are unfocused, and lack the energy to perform and innovate to their highest potential.)

Join The OPA! Way Meaning Movement
There are many ways to bring more Meaning and the benefits of The OPA! Way® into your life, work, and organization: 

  • OPA! Life workshops/retreats
  • OPA! Life keynote speeches
  • OPA! Work workshops/retreats
  • OPA! Leader workshops/retreats
  • OPA! Organization programs
  • OPA! Certification program
  • OPA! Meaning tests
  • OPA! Mentoring services

The OPA! Center for Meaning
Also join us at our OPA! Center for Meaning in beautiful, historic Santa Fe, New Mexico USA (fly to Albuquerque or Santa Fe).  The OPA! Center has been uniquely designed as a sacred space for people of all ages and walks of life to question, discuss, explore, and discover deeper Meaning in their everyday lives and work.  Learn The OPA! Way®, gain new insights, and develop practical action plans for living and working with Meaning.  (We also provide Meaning-focused services at client locations around the world.)

To find out more about The OPA! Way® services and products, contact the OPA! Team at: info@theopaway.com