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The global OPA! Village is expanding along with The OPA! Way® and all things OPA!  As part of this growth, we have been identifying and collaborating with OPA! Partners—organizations/groups that share the core values and resonate with the meaning-focused mission and vision of The OPA! Way®.

♦ We are excited to announce that The OPA! Way is an OPA! Partner with the inspiring and meaning-focused film project, "Swing Away," a romantic comedy set on the island of Rhodes, Greece.  As part of our collaboration, Alex joined the Swing Away team as a Consulting Producer and "Subject Matter Expert."  George Stephanopoulos, an independent producer and entertainment lawyer with impressive credentials in the industry (among his credits, George worked on Saturday Night Live spin-off movies Wayne's World, Wayne's World 2 and Coneheads), is the lead producer on Swing Away.

Swing Away revolves around a Greek-American golf pro who gets suspended from the LPGA tour and escapes to the village of her Greek grandparents.  Hoping to get away from what has become a disastrous career and get herself back on track, she meets an array of villagers and ends up trying to save a beautiful golf course on the island of Rhodes that is being ignored.  The story, of course, is much more complex due to its existential, humanistic message.  In its larger context, Swing Away is not really a movie about golf; rather, it is a movie about life.  For more about the deeper, meaning-focused message of Swing Away, see our piece for The Huffington Post, "OPA! 'Swing Away' at Life!"

♦ In June 2013, we entered into an OPA! Partnership with "OPA! The Musical," a Greek-inspired production shooting for an upcoming Off-Broadway run (and destined to open on Broadway too!).  The creative team behind OPA! The Musical includes: Tony-nominated director and choreographer Dan Knechteges (Xanadu); book by Mari Carras & Laurel Ollstein; Musical Director: Seth Weinstein; Lyrics by Mari Carras, Elise Morris & Donald Eugster; Music by Nicholas Carras & Elise Morris; Additional Music by Donald Eugster & John Anastasopoulos; and Co-Producer: Anthoula Katsimatides.  More news about OPA! The Musical, including updates on our cross-promotion efforts to advance all things OPA!, to follow soon!

Set against the backdrop of the current financial crisis, a Greek housewife's dramatic confession to a disenchanted priest takes on a life of its own in this charming new musical about love on a Grecian isle. OPA!

♦ In 2011, we've entered into an OPA! Partnership to advance all things OPA! with OPA! Magazine, based in Melbourne, Australia! We are very excited about this collaboration and have great expectations and plans for what we will be able to do together to make The OPA! Way® approach to "Living & Working with Meaning" a worldwide phenomenon, make the word "OPA!" a household expression and mantra for living with joy & meaning, enlighten the planet about the vast contributions that Greece and Greeks have made to our way and quality of life, and in the final analysis make a positive, meaningful difference in the world.


♦ Since 2010 we have been fortunate to call the Aegean Pearl Hotel in Rethymno, Crete, Greece, an OPA! Partner and the huge success of the OPA! Day 2010, OPA! Day 2011, and OPA! Day 2012 celebrations in Crete were largely the result of this meaningful partnership.

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Stay tuned for more news about our OPA! Partners and Partnership Program. OPA!