OPA! Network


As The OPA! Way® expands around the world, we will be highlighting members of our global network to provide additional resources to help you find more joy and meaning in your everyday life and work.

OPA! Centers for Meaning

We are also developing, in conjunction with our OPA! Partners, additional OPA! Centers where people can gather to learn and discuss the core lessons of The OPA! Way paradigm and lifestyle.

The OPA! Center for Meaning is now open in Santa Fe, NM, USA

The flagship OPA! Center for Meaning is now open in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. (The Center is located on Marcy Street, a destination area, one block north of the historic Santa Fe Plaza. Santa Fe is the first city in North America to designated by UNESCO as a Global Creative City.)

This flagship OPA! Center is the nucleus of our global OPA! Network and the prototype for additional OPA! Centers currently in the expansion plans. Uniquely designed by an award-winning team of filmmakers to include a traditional Greek village space and dialogue rooms reminiscent of ancient Greece, the OPA! Center for Meaning provides a stimulating, memorable place to engage participants in meaning-focused personal growth (OPA! Life), leadership & executive development (OPA! Leader), and organization transformation work (OPA! Work and OPA! Organizations).

We look forward to hosting you at the OPA! Center for Meaning in Santa Fe in the near future!