OPA! Network

"OPA! Center for Meaning" is now open in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA!

The OPA! Center for Meaning, which is our US base of operations for advancing The OPA! Way® paradigm and lifestyle, is located on Marcy Street, Santa Fe's destination spot one block north of the historic Plaza. The OPA! Center serves as the nucleus of (and prototype for) our global network and the place where we engage clients in our meaning-focused work for personal growth, leadership & executive development, and organizational transformation. Santa Fe is the oldest capital city in the USA and the first city in North America to become a member of UNESCO's Global Creative Cities Network. OPA!

Importantly, this is also the page where you'll be able to learn about the launch in early 2014 of our OPA! Associate certification training program, as well as find a certified facilitator of The OPA! Way® (i.e., OPA! Associate), and an OPA! Center near you.  Coming soon...OPA!