OPA! Foundation

Isocrates (Ισοκράτης), a Greek orator (436 to 338 BC) said, "Try to make money a thing to use as well as to possess."

The English word, "philanthropy," is rooted in two Greek words, "φίλος" (pronounced, "philos," meaning friend, or love in the sense of caring for others) and "ανθρωπιά" (pronounced, "anthropia," meaning humaness or civility). So philanthropy essentially means "friend (or love) of humanity."

In the spirit and context of our love of humanity or philanthropy, as well as our strong belief that we all can strengthen our communities and the world by giving back, we are establishing the OPA! Foundation.

In this connection, a portion of all proceeds from our products, services, and related work will be used to support causes and entities that reflect the core values of The OPA! Way® paradigm and lifestyle for Living & Working with Joy & Meaning.


The OPA! Way® Donation:

The OPA! Way® is an official sponsor of the annual International Health Film Festival, which takes place in Greece, originally on the Greek island of Kos (Κως), every September.  Please note that due to the unexpected passing of our dear friend, Lucia Rikaki, who was the founder and creative director of the International Health Film Festival, the Festival had to be postponed until further notice.

The festival is focused on viewing, discussing, and appreciating films on the topic of health and prevention.  In fact, it is the only international film festival for films dealing with health issues.  It is especially fitting that this festival began and was held on the island of Kos, the birthplace of Hippocrates (Ιπποκράτης), the father of medicine (460 B.C.) and the founder of the Great School of Medicine.  (Hippocrates, of course, is also well known for the "Hippocratic Oath" taken by physicians upon graduation from medical school when they swear to practice medicine ethically.)  The film festival fits well with the values and mission of The OPA! Way®—Living & Working with Joy & Meaning!  For more information about the International Health Film Festival, please visit: www.healthfilmfestival.gr