How can we live more joyful and meaningful lives?

In chasing the "good" life, many of us sacrifice our relationships, our health, and our sanity, and at the end of the day still find ourselves with lives and work that bring us little fulfillment or meaning.  The pursuit of happiness doesn’t fill this void, and it doesn’t help us deal with the challenges and chaos that are inevitable in everyday life.  We need to learn how to embrace all of life—the ups and the downs, the joys and sorrows, the good times as well as times of transition and upheaval.

Inspired by ancient Greek philosophy, mythology, and traditional Greek village life, and backed by years of research, The OPA! Way offers a breakthrough, practical approach to discovering and reconnecting with the true meaning of our lives and work. Bestselling authors Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon, founders of The OPA! Way® and the Global Meaning Institute, share insights, stories, and three core lessons to guide you on your odyssey to meaning:
  • Connect meaningfully with Others
  • Engage with deeper Purpose
  • Embrace life with Attitude
Make "OPA!" your mantra for living and working with meaning.  Create the meaningful life you want by living and working The OPA! Way.