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All members of the OPA! Village live and breathe Greek Philosophy! We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the ancient Greeks philosophers. Their wisdom and approach to life can help us gain insight into how to Live & Work with Meaning.  For example, Heraclitus (544 to 484 BC) is best known for his theories about change. In fact, we could think of Heraclitus as the first “change management” consultant. He was the first to say that “all things are in process, nothing stays still” and “you never step twice into the same river.” (In other words, the river where you set your foot is now gone–it is now a different river.) Nothing is permanent for the world is in a constant state of flux. This insight is meaningful in that it can help us know that our lives are ever changing and that even bad situations are only temporary. It can also help us realize that we must always be looking for new ideas and solutions to fit the changing world and not rely on “that’s the way we do things around here,” “that’s the way we always have done it in our industry,” or "that's the way that I've always done things in my life."


The OPA Way!® Lifestyle Diet:

The Greeks know how to live life fully. They’ve done it for thousands of years. We know our diets are part of this healthy life and what we choose to eat can either help or hinder our overall quality of life. Hippocrates (460 to 370 BC), creator of the famous “Hippocrates Oath,” stated profoundly “Let your food be your medicine."  The OPA! Way® Lifestyle Diet builds on the deep roots of the original Cretan/Greek diets and extends beyond these to offer several other very important dimensions for Living & Working with Meaning. The name is actually a bit redundant but powerful. Diet is a word that comes from the Greek word, diaita/dieta or δίαιτα, which actually means “way of life.” Lifestyle means “a way of life or a style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person,” and The OPA! Way® is a "lifestyle.” So the name, The OPA! Way® Lifestyle Diet, definitely reinforces the key messages for choosing to live a way of life full of energy and meaning. It’s not just about the calories we choose to eat, or the type of foods we choose to eat, it’s much, much more!


Greek mythology consists of myths and legends about the adventures of Greek gods, such as Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Hermes, and Aphrodite, as well as other legendary characters. These stories were used to explain the nature of the world many years ago. But their le ssons are still relevant to our world and our lives in the 21st century. Here is the story of Pandora’s Box (Pandora’s box was originally a jar.) In Greek mythology, Zeus gave Pandora a large jar/box but instructed her not to open it. Unfortunately, her curiosity overcame her and when she opened the jar/box, she released new evils, diseases, and troubles for mankind. She quickly shut the lid, leaving only “hope” in the jar/box. This story was used to explain why evils exist in the world. Today, we use the term “don’t open Pandora’s box” when we are warning someone to avoid giving into curiosity or to avoid creating a worse situation by releasing or stirring up conversations that might cause more conflict between people.


The second letter of the Greek alphabet is "b,"  which is pronounced vita. However, it is also been translated and pronounced in English as “beta.” Since the first letter of the Greek alphabet is "a" (pronounced alpha) and the second letter is "b" (pronounced vita or beta), then we can all guess where the word αλφάβητο or alphabet comes from!

Greek Words

The Greek word “gyro” (ΓΥΡΟ or γύρο), pronounced “Yee row”, means turn or round.  One use of the word is to describe the popular gyros sandwiches made from thinly sliced meat (lamb and/or beef), tomato, onion, tzatziki sauce served on pita bread. The actual gyro is the tall vertical spit or rotisserie which turns around in a circle, in front of a heater to cook & warm the meat.  Other uses of this word include: (1) “gyro gyro”–-an expression used to refer to a conversation or action that just goes round and round and round. [As in endless budget discussions by the government or as in, “life goes round and round”]; (2) source of the Americanized word for sandwiches called  "heroes”; (3) in sports –- “gyroball” baseball pitch and “gyro” exercise; and (4) “gyroscope”–-a mechanical device used for navigation. [The last two examples are pronounced in English with a hard “g”]

Greek Expressions

The expression, "Yiasas" (ΓΕΙΑ ΣΑΣ or γεια σας), pronounced "Ya Sas," is used to greet everyone in the OPA! Village, similar to the English word "Hello." However, this word actually means “to your health,” which is a wonderful way to greet (and also say "good-bye" to) everyone and wish them good health. In the OPA! Village, we acknowledge everyone as a means of creating a strong, healthy, meaningful community.

My Greece

Come with us on a memorable and meaningful photo journey of life and scenery throughout Greece.


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